Cradle Point Firewall Does Not Connect to VPN or Enterprise Cloud Manager aka ECM

This morning one of the remote locations we support from the corporate office called in because their Internet was not working. Luckily I configured dynamic DNS on the Cradle Point, as for some reason, the static IP address we had assigned had changed for some reason, it went back to a static IP address we used in the past.

At the same time, the VPN connection was not up, and the CP was not connecting to the ECM. I double-checked the VPN configuration and re-applied the shared secret. Also tried to register the CP under Getting Started | Enterprise Cloud Manager Registration, and tried to Resume Client under System Settings | ECM to no avail.

The first thing support has me check was the time and date on the CP. It was way off: 12/31/1969. Support engineer says the time discrepancy causes the VPN and ECM to not connect, as the time stamp on the requests do not match. So we changed the NTP server under System Settings | Administration | System Clock. Normally this would have fix the problem.

However, the CP in question had two WAN connections, one 4G, and one DSL connection. Doing a ping test under System Settings | System Control | Advanced Control revealed another problem. All hosts I was trying to ping were resolving to This made me believe there is a problem with the DSL connection, so I disabled it and rebooted the CP. Once the CP came back up and was running only on the 4G connection, the time issue was resolved, and so were the initial problems: VPN and ECM connectivity.


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