How to Export and Import the IP Relay List on an IIS SMTP Virtual Server


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Here’s a quick and easy way to export and import the IIS SMTP server configuration. This comes in handy when migrating to a new server and you want to retain the configuration, especially when there are a lot of IP addresses in the relay list.

First, install Metabase Explorer on both source and destination server. It comes with IIS resource kit, and requires .NET 3.5.

Open Metabase Explorer on the source IIS server and expand SMTPSVC folder hierarchy on the left pane. Typically it looks like this “LM / SmtpSvc / 1“.

Highlight the SMTP virtual server number from where we would like to export the configuration. Right-click and select Export to File. Save the file to a location that’s easy to remember and protect it with a password.

To import the configuration go to the destination server and open Metabase Explorer. Select the Metabase tab, then click Import. Select the .mbk file and enter the password when prompted.

Select Archive from the hierarchy on the left pane and expand SMTP virtual server number (Archive / 1). Select the RelayIPList key, right-click and copy it.

In the hierarchy on the left pane expand the local server / SmtpSvc / 1. Right-click on it and select Paste. Select Yes when prompted to over-write.

Close the Metabase Explorer.

Open the IIS 6.0 Manager and confirm the IP relay list was successfully imported.